Chateau Kaniaris



Kaniaris Estate

Kaniaris Estate is one of the largest vineyards of the Attica land located in the area of Megara, at the foot of Gerania Mountains between two seas, the Corinthian and the Saronic Gulfs.

The Wine State

Kaniaris Estate

A single and self-sufficient private vineyard of 350 acres inviting the visitor to a nature-loving trek full of ... sensational stations. It invites you to walk down the paths and small valleys, take excursions to the clearings and the old treading tanks and try and enjoy the wines of the estate.


With the wine list of the Winery always at the forefront of ... pleasure and cooperation with Le Mirage Catering, the Wine Cellar has the right terroir to guarantee the success of your social events.

Με τη λίστα οίνων του Οινοποιείου πάντα στην πρώτη γραμμή της …απόλαυσης και τη συνεργασία με το Le Mirage  Catering, η Αμπελουργική Πολιτεία διαθέτει το κατάλληλο terroir που εγγυάται την επιτυχία των κοινωνικών σας εκδηλώσεων.

See here the plan of the upper floor.

See here the layout of the indoor room.

Ζευγάρι στον Πύργο Κανιάρη - Γάμος
Κελάρι κτήματος
Αίθουσα κτηματος
εισοδος χώρου δεξίωσης